Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 42

My weigh-in went fine yesterday. I stepped on the scale to see that I had lost 5 pounds from January 17th. I wish it would have been more for 6 weeks of work, but it was something. Then they did some other measurements and calculations which put me at 6.5 pounds of fat lost, 1 pound of lean muscle mass gained, and 3% decrease in my body fat percentage. It was actually good for me to see that I lost more of the bad, and gained some good...that's why the scale doesn't always reflect the work I'm doing. I'm not proud of how the rest of the day went, however. I guess I felt I was entitled to a bit of a break or something. I didn't consume a whole bunch of food...just not very good food.

Breakfast 9:00 am: oatmeal, banana, skim milk, brown sugar (before weigh-in and workout)

Post-workout snack 12:30 pm: protein bar

Lunch 2:00 pm: 2 very large slices of pizza (Anthony' I ate both of these I do not know, but I know I was good and hungry after the tough workout), water to drink

Snack 5:00 pm: 1/2 cup Cap'n Crunch, milk

Dinner 7:30 pm: 3 slices of Outback bread (with butter), Chopped pecan side salad, crab stuffed shrimp appetizer (4 shrimp), 1/2 of the sample portion of the Chocolate Thunder Down Under brownie dessert, Mr. Pibb to drink, and a glass of water too

I had a really tough circuit class work out yesterday. I am still incredibly sore from it today, especially in my hips. It makes walking up and down the stairs a nice adventure. I'm tempted to make this my "off" day for a work out. However, I know the next week is going to be a strange one since I have a trip coming up. Maybe I should make it in there. I don't know....

It is good to know that I can order appetizers for meals and be satisfied. I couldn't have imagined ordering one of the full meals, complete with a couple of side dishes and some hunk of meat! I'm not sure how bad, calorically, everything was that I had yesterday. I guess I'll find out when I start plugging it all in on the website. I do know, it's back to good stuff today :) I did cave and have pop with our dinner....I was feeling tired and we were on our way to our son's concert so I wanted to feel more awake! It seemed to help. I know...excuses, excuses....

Day 42: Already halfway done with this challenge. Not quite where I thought I might be as far as weight loss. But it was motivating to hear that like half the participants didn't show up for their weigh in. That cuts my competition in half :)

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