Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I've Lost Track of the Days

I don't even know what to write about anymore.  I'm finding it hard to discern what journey I'm on.  The drive I had to lose weight last year is gone.  I was hoping that a new 'drive' to be healthy, to find myself, to be content, would replace it.  I have the desire for all those things...but 'drive'?  Nope.  And I don't know why.  What does 'drive' me to do anything?

I have a couple bits of advice...DO NOT bring home a half gallon of your very favorite ice cream on Valentine's Day when your significant other is out of town.  It's amazing how quickly ice cream disappears as you scoop spoonful after spoonful in to your mouth.  Also, DO NOT go down the candy aisle at the grocery store at the end of a stressful trip with two youngsters in tow.  Not only do they have a ball throwing bags of candy in the cart, you are just harried enough to grab a large bag of Laffy Taffy and finish it off on the drive home.  Just two examples of how I am obviously not handling things so great with this food addiction I seem to have.  In these cases, loneliness and stress 'drove' me to go to the things I find most comforting...food.  And somehow, I give myself permission to indulge, because I 'deserve' it after the particular situations I have found myself in.  Those are two kinda big examples, but all day every day, it is like this for me!  "You worked so hard getting that floor clean...Of course you deserve a couple of pieces of pizza and a cupcake."  "Boy, that's a lot of laundry that has to be done...You better load up on some cookie dough before you tackle it."  Food is a reward, a motivator, an escape, rather than a fuel.

I was alarmed at the amount of strength I had lost by not working out for about 3 months.  It was almost as if I had not only lost all I had gained as far as strength, but I was starting out even weaker than when I very first began.  I was leaving my workouts feeling defeated.  And feeling defeated, well, is just another one of those feelings that makes me excuse some devouring of donuts or something.  Why in the world would a workout do that to me?  I started to wonder if I should just quit working out...just say to heck with everything.  I CANNOT DO THAT....I know too well that if I quit working out, and quit TRYING to do something about the food I eat, I will end up being in serious trouble as far as weight gain and health go.  I have seen how quickly my body puts on the weight.  I have to be thankful for the work I have already done and the work I am doing right now.

My assignment for now is to try and figure out why I seem to be afraid of succeeding.  Why else would I continue to sabotage myself?   For the last 20 years, I've felt my weight is holding me back from truly being me...from reaching my potential.  But maybe I am afraid of not having the excuse of the excess weight keeping me from achieving other goals.  So I'm afraid of succeeding at the weight loss, because then, I will be expected to actually work on something else!!

Lots to ponder...lots to figure out.  And while I ponder and figure things out, I will continue to go work out, and I will continue to try and increase the good food and decrease the bad.  All I can do is keep trying.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Days 28-31

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!  Love or hate this day, I don't think it's a bad thing to take a day to deliberately think about giving love...and it doesn't just have to be about two love birds!

I guess it's pretty obvious that I'm not writing on a daily basis anymore.  I may get back to that or I may not...I find myself not really wanting to 'fess up to what I'm eating these days.  I'm not saying it has all gone to hell....I'm just not really limiting any certain things.  I'm just trying to keep from snacking on junk, and limiting my portion sizes.  Some days are better than others!

I made it to the gym Friday, and took a long walk outside on our beautiful Colorado Saturday morning.  I didn't feel so hot yesterday, so stayed at home.  My rash has decided to return...so much for the 'cycle' hypothesis.  It is certainly not time for my cycle to start, so the rash just seems to be coming and going as it pleases.  If this continues much longer, I guess I'm going to have to start returning to doctor's offices to see if we can figure it out.  As much as I try to stay calm about it, I end up freaking out.  Although it has been a fairly small area these last few times, I am terrified of it returning to its full blown glory that it was the first time it reared its ugly head.

One really great thing about the last week...I made dinner five out of seven nights.  The dinners weren't the greatest as far as lean protein and veggies or anything, but they were not fast food, or pizza...so I am happy about that!  Amazing what a little planning ahead can do!

I'm not really even considering myself a part of the challenge at the gym anymore.  Last year, this challenge helped me to lose about 10 pounds in 12 weeks...I was feeling really good!!  This year, however, I consider myself on Day 32 of an entirely different kind of challenge.  Yes, you can tell by the new title what part of the challenge is....contentment.  But as I reflect on the last month, I am beginning to realize I am being challenged to live my life right now...to not keep thinking I will be living my best life once I am the weight or size I want to be.  And I'm learning to love me for who I am now, and not who I used to be.  Although there are some qualities of the younger me that I would like to see return, I can't be that Kari anymore...I am who I am now because of the life I have lived.  It has been a good life..it IS a good life, and I want to celebrate it every single day, and not dwell on trying to return to some kind of Eden I tend to picture the life I had as the skinnier me.

I love that I can google search for anything these days..and I get wonderful quotes all the time.  I never  know who has really quoted certain things, but I do think a lot of them are worth passing along!
"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."  

I'm challenging myself to remember this...maybe you can challenge yourself to remember it too!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 27

Nobody stuck to the floors last night!  I do like having people over to my house...so why in the world do I need keep it presentable enough to do just that?!  Just another little something to work on.....

Guess what?  It's almost Valentine's Day.  That means there are cherry and cinnamon hearts at the store.  And I bought them to have in little bowls to serve at the meeting last night.  Yep, uh huh...that is exactly why I bought them.  Darn it if those things aren't so yummy.  You know what else is yummy?  A $5.00 heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's.  And you know what goes well with that yummy pizza?  Well, a yummy beer, of course!!  By now, I think you have an idea of how yummy the meeting was last night!  :)

I was busy yesterday so I didn't have time to mess with snacking...I had oatmeal with a banana for breakfast, and that kept me full for a very long time.  I did a vigorous 30 minute resistance workout, but was unable to do the cardio after because my legs were shot.  I washed our floors on the main level, which is a nice little back and arm workout....lol!  (I got down on the floor and scrubbed...no mop!)  I have totally drawn a blank on what I ate for lunch...let me go consult livestrong.com and see if I recorded it.  Please hold....Oh yeah...I grabbed a Starbucks veggie, egg, cheese sandwich and a tall non-fat vanilla latte.  Other than a handful of pretzels at about 4 pm...that was all I had until the meeting.  I drank lots of water during the day...always a good thing!

In general, my state of mind is pretty positive right now.  I will just keep plugging away at balancing good and bad food.  I'll keep reminding myself to watch portions, and care about what kind of fuel I'm giving to my body.  I don't feel so foggy right now...I am totally gonna be watching this, because if hormones are whacking me out so bad, I'll need to be getting some help with that.

A question I am asking myself....."Do you choose to simply know the path, or do you choose to walk it?"

Here's to walking the path, ya'll!!!   

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 26

Let me just start by saying that I shouldn't be blogging right now.  I have a mess of a house, and a meeting to be held here tonight.  So, I'll make this short and sweet!

Yesterday, I made it to the gym for a half hour on the elliptical.  It was TOUGH....my legs are jello.  Sure hope this improves soon.  My workout today wasn't much better...I had to cut it short.  No more time off...it's too hard to make up for the time I missed.  My body seems to regress much quicker than it used to. Is this one of the beautiful challenges of now being 40 years old?!

I did pretty good with eating yesterday, and drank lots of water.  I did break in to some ice cream last night, but I kept it at 1/2 cup (the serving size on the container) which is much smaller than I am used to dishing up.  My daughter ate half of it while she sat next to me, so I think I actually only had a 1/4 cup.  Just a taste, and almost enough to satisfy me at that time.  Until I grabbed about 10 reduced fat Pringles.  I sure wish somebody hadn't left those out on the end table....But I was ok with even these little food trysts...I had eaten sensibly the rest of the day, and done my exercise.  I'm allowed!

I never really felt fatigue set in yesterday.  I worked out in the afternoon when I usually get a snack attack.  I was definitely hungry after the workout, and ate some cereal to fill up since the protein bar hadn't been enough.

Crap...didn't I say this was gonna be short and sweet today?  Here I am still typing, and the floors are calling me to scrub them....To the ladies coming over here tonight...Please forgive me if you stick to the floor....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Days 23-25

I kinda forgot about blogging for a little bit.  Wait, that's a lie.  I thought about it, then I decided I didn't want to do it for a couple of days.  

I made a return to the gym yesterday after more than a week off.  I'm sore today, and a tad mad at myself for not going for so long.  BUT, the mood I was in last week made all kinds of things difficult.  Taking the pressure off has helped me.  I feel like I made better eating choices yesterday just because I wanted to feel good physically...not because I was desperate to see the scale move.  And I did feel better...not so sluggish!!  Amazing how that works!

The last couple of days, I've had fun keeping myself occupied with something other than thinking about my weight.  (It is actually pretty crazy to realize how much my mind thinks about that....)  I decided to spend a little time dropping by on people's walls on facebook, just to say 'hi'.  I know I like it when an unexpected message shows up on mine, so I thought why not connect with a few people every day?  It's been a fun thing to do every time I log on...I just write to 2 or 3 people pretty much at random.  I am really very thankful for the people I have connected with on facebook.  I just want to make sure they know that.  It's been a positive way to redirect some brain power :)

I did not have a good night's sleep last night.  A loud noise woke me up approximately 1.5 hours after I fell asleep.  After taking a walk through the house to see that everything was ok, I returned to bed only to   be awakened after about 2 hours to a child hopping up in to my bed.  Another 2 hours, another child.  This is not so rare an occurrence.  I decided to do something different today though...I decided I would not use any fatigue that I begin to feel as an excuse to grab something crappy to eat....a conscious decision to realize when I am feeling tired and choose something different at that moment.  So that's my assignment for the day...if I can accomplish that, I'm on my way to tackling some of these things that cause me to run to the cupboard.

A great quote I came across yesterday: "How you feel is up to you, not to anyone else in your life. Peace is the result of choosing to focus your mind on what is true and honorable and right. When you choose to do that, it is amazing how much peace will overtake your mind and heart."
—Jan Silvious

Here's to peace, people!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 22

In an attempt to change the voices in my head, I will now try to talk about something I love about me.  It's such a tricky thing to do, because I don't want to sound conceited.  I would imagine that's one of the main reasons I haven't done it.  So, without practice, it is seeming very difficult.   It's been proven that people benefit from expressing gratitude like in a gratitude journal, so I have to believe that expressing love for myself, should benefit me too :)

Ok, so I do love my eyes.  Thank you, Mom and Dad, for that gift.  I don't even really know what color they are...I call them hazel, but there's really no brown in them, and I think the official definition of hazel includes brown.  They can look blue, and they can look green.  I feel somewhat unique being a dark-haired woman with lighter eyes.   They have served me well, since I haven't had glasses yet.  That doesn't mean that I don't need them...but I've functioned fine without the help of glasses, and I hope to continue that way for a while longer!  

Ok, phew....that was kinda tough.   Thanks to my friends who pointed out some things to get me started...I am certainly content with my eyes :)

Oh, how I wish I had some profound way to wrap this up.  My Day 22 of this 'challenge' found me anxiously awaiting the return of my husband from a 10 day business trip.  And then it found me sitting on the couch all night, cuddling up and watching TV with him.  We ate lasagna for dinner, and popcorn for a snack.  I loved on my husband, and I loved on my kids.  That was a pretty darn good day!  

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 21

What can I say? I'm tired. I'm tired of thinking about my weight. It's been a battle for about 20 years now, and I am worn out. I'm trying to figure out why my little crusade for 2011 hasn't been much of a crusade at all. Yesterday was supposed to be the start of it AGAIN...I started off fine, with some oatmeal and a banana. I had a decent lunch with a Green Giant frozen veggie/bean thing, and a couple bites of mac and cheese. I didn't feel the need to snack at all yesterday. I was drinking water. But then I went ahead and had some pizza on my way out the door to go to poker. And at poker, well, I went ahead and enjoyed a couple of Coors Lights. I don't think it was a terrible day. But it wasn't the 'perfect' day I had imagined. Of course, it's hard to have a 'perfect' eating day when you don't prepare for it. I do think that it is key is to plan ahead. I haven't been planning ahead at all.

As I sat holding my 5 year old boy in my lap this morning when he first woke up, I was soaking in the beauty that is my life. I looked at the mess of toys scattered on the floor, the piles of folded laundry all over the couch, and the pictures of my family. I took in the warmth we are fortunate to have in the house, while it's so darn cold outside. I found myself feeling content. How can this be? I'm still 50 lbs overweight, and my house is trashed...how can I be content? I started to get a little anxious, thinking I didn't want that feeling to go away. I tried to figure out how to make it stay...and I think that for now, I need to take the focus away from me. I want to focus on my family...I know all too well how fast these kids grow up. I don't want to look back and wonder why I wasn't truly present during these years, because I was distracted by my constant worry over weight. I realize it's a never-ending struggle as a mom and wife whether to put yourself first, or your kids, or your husband. I can't ignore my own needs and desires. But for now, I just want to be content. Am I giving up? Maybe. Or maybe just taking the pressure off, and seeing if things fall in to place.

I think a name change for the blog may be in order :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 20

Another 'non-challenge' day was had yesterday. I definitely made it a choice to do that for one more day. I've done this so many times before....and it is totally against the philosophy I would like to adopt about messing up a little and getting back on track. I guess I just wanted to mess up a lot yesterday!

Breakfast: if you read the blog yesterday, you know it was chocolate chip cookies....
Lunch: Tomato soup, grilled ham and cheese on whole wheat
Snack: pretzels
Dinner: Wendy's (burger, fries, DP)
I drank about 60 oz of water

Still haven't made it to the gym. It was ridiculously cold yesterday so I didn't step a foot outside of the house. And I didn't take it upon myself to find some way to work out at home. I didn't feel good yesterday. Not gonna elaborate on that....if you have questions please refer to your middle school/junior high health class notes.

The craziest thing happened last night. I got a burst of energy, almost like a euphoria after my dinner. I described it to my husband as what an addict must feel when they get the drug of their choice. I started doing some laundry, sorting through a bunch of crap, and cleaning up a bit. After I had exerted myself for a couple of hours, my rash, which had seemingly improved during the day, flared up again. It got bright red, itchy, and hot. Lovely, eh? I stopped, as I didn't want to aggravate it any further. That little bit of 'exercise' has definitely made me apprehensive about actually doing a workout.

Day 20: I'm hoping it's the last real 'mess-up' day that I choose to have.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 19

The last week has been tough. I've had a bad attitude, haven't felt good, and pretty much gave up on the challenge. I definitely think there have been lots of things contributing to that bad attitude. Some I already knew, but some things I just realized last night. They could definitely be why it has been so tough. No matter how much I try to compartmentalize my life, one thing always ends up having an effect on another.

First, it truly was PMS, that was made clear today...I apologize to anyone who doesn't want to hear about woman 'problems' but I cannot dismiss the effect that my hormones have on how I feel and what I'm thinking and ultimately what I'm eating! I applaud the women who are somehow able to overcome these challenges...me? I had a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast.

Second, we have been potty training our little girl. It didn't dawn on me until last night that this particular project we are working on could be contributing to difficulties with my attitude. I have said that potty training is one of my least favorite parts of parenting....and here I am, facing it for the fifth time. My patience is put to the test. I am cleaning up lots of messes. I am trying to remain calm with a screaming and crying daughter who doesn't want to poop on the potty. (She's doing really well with the other part, but the whole number 2 thing is a challenge.) I have to realize that this added stress has probably helped me to be less tolerant of my own little challenges.

Let's see...I've talked about periods, poop and pee...What else can I bring up that will make everyone uncomfortable? Vomit?! Nah!!! Instead, how about my rash?....another wonderful challenge and wonderfully uncomfortable subject....I guess the rash would be circumstance number three that is adding to my bad attitude. I'm really going to be watching to see if the rash is connected to my monthly cycle...I am suspicious at this point.

The fourth circumstance that I should mention is that my husband is traveling. He has been gone for a week, and will be gone a couple more days. I didn't want to think that him being gone would have an effect on what I'm trying to accomplish. I wanted our transition to his traveling to go smoothly. I didn't want any issues creeping in. Why? Because I want him to be able to do the job he loves. I don't want to be an obstacle to him achieving career success and satisfaction. I actually don't think I have done too bad as far as handling kids' stuff and house stuff (well, not much has been accomplished on the house...crap!) But then when I look at how bad my attitude has been towards myself, I have to wonder if somehow I'm really not handling it as well as I think.

I hope to present to you a much more upbeat Kari in a few days. I really prefer being the one cracking jokes and making people smile! All of this introspection, although essential, is exhausting!

The good: the furnace is working (it's been like -100 degrees the last couple days...ok, that's a LITTLE bit of an exaggeration)
The bad: I haven't been to the gym since Friday
The ugly: did I mention my rash? ;)

I was not gonna document yesterday's food...but here goes:
Breakfast: Fruity Pebbles
Lunch: Cheez Its
Dinner: Chicken, spinach salad
Dessert: Coors Light
Let's see, also consumed at some point yesterday....three small pancakes, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate chip cookies, Pepsi...oh and about 80 oz of water....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 18

I will not call this giving up...but I think I should stop wasting everyone's time with this blog! It is pretty obvious that the Body Transformation Challenge has turned in to a Life Transformation Challenge or Mind Transformation Challenge. And the transformation isn't happening...I am thinking that I need to start over. But I'm always starting over....it's always after the weekend, or after this trip, or after this party, or after this snow day. The determination that shows up, wanes so quickly...especially when I don't see results right away.

My attitude is crap. Maybe it's still ok for me to blog on these kind of days because it's real....you can see the struggles I'm having. I had Fruity Pebbles for breakfast. I might bake a cake today because it's really cold outside and it will put smiles on my kids' faces. I will not be leaving the house since the wind chill is -35 degrees (that's not an exaggeration!). I won't be exercising because of the rash I have....getting hot and sweaty completely aggravates it. So, already, I have determined no progress will be made today. Hmmmm....shooting out those tires again....

The question has come up about the nature of this blog. Someone was wondering if maybe I was just writing the blog to get responses like "Kari, you're doing so great" or "Kari, you're just the greatest person who ever lived"..... After the really long entry the other day, I was worried that people would be thinking I was looking for sympathy or something. The only reason I started the blog last year, and then started it up again this year, was to document the 12 weeks of what was supposed to be a weight loss challenge. I wanted to be accountable to the people who might be reading my blog. I thought it would keep me on track. It definitely causes me to think twice before I grab a cheeseburger. So, I submit to you that I am not looking for sympathy, or pats on the back, or even solutions, although all of those things end up being fuel to keep me going sometimes. I am putting it out there for all to see because I hope that it helps me....and well, maybe helps somebody else too.

P.S. Yesterday's food:
Breakfast: 2 egg whites, 1 egg, scrambled with green pepper, whole wheat toast w/ peanut butter, apple
Lunch: leftover sweet and sour chicken, veggie egg roll
Snack: smoothie w/ banana, blueberries, spinach, 1%milk, protein supplement
Dinner: 1/4 of a frozen pizza, can of Pepsi
Dessert: chocolate mint protein bar
Got 80 oz of water in, didn't snack on crap....

Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 17

Short and sweet today....I did go to a movie yesterday, and I did eat popcorn and have pop. (The movie was GREAT, by the way! The King's Speech...go see it!) I did not go to the gym and we had Chinese take out for dinner. I am itchy, and plan on staying in the house all day today. Don't worry about me, though...I'm not diving in to despair. I am doing lots of self talk to keep me from heading that way!! I can do this, even with a rash :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 16

I'll have you know, that as I typed up my blog entry yesterday, I was already setting myself up for a less than stellar day. It's so crazy that I can seem to want something so much, and yet I can't stay on the track to get there. I know we all flub up here and there...and I want to allow myself to do that without sinking into the depths of despair. However, this was something much different yesterday when I set out on my voyage for the day with an attitude of, "I don't give a s*#t what I eat or what I don't".

Breakfast: Starbucks oatmeal, nonfat vanilla latte
Lunch: Sonic cheeseburger, tots, DP
Snacks: an insane amount of Goldfish crackers, marshmallows
Dinner: Microwave popcorn

I didn't completely dive off the deep end and eat everything in sight yesterday...nor did I eat constantly all day. Hey, I'm trying to point out the positives....I'm surprised I didn't drink myself silly or something...Not sure what's wrong with my head, but something is off! Again, a complete lack of consumption of fruits or vegetables, except the dried fruit in my oatmeal. Also lacking lean protein yet again. And the kicker, I didn't get my butt to the gym. I made that conscious choice too, early on in the day. I knew I was going to take one day off this weekend, but I had thought it would be Sunday. Instead, I gave the finger to exercise for the day too.

Ok, so I really do hate being so bitchy...but there are a couple of things going on here, I think. Back in October, I was laid up for the entire month plus some of November with a terrible rash...I was sick, lethargic, and ultimately pretty dang sad (not to mention itchy!) After being free of it of a few weeks, it returned in December for a shorter amount of time and less severe, and again in January...even less time and less severe. About three days ago, I felt the beginnings of it again. It is the strangest thing....And I am terrified of getting it full blown again...that was one of the worst times I've experienced back in October, and I am scared of going there again. So, I freak out when it starts to happen...which I'm sure doesn't help anything. It consumes my thoughts, and I somehow start to feel sorry for myself...and look for comfort...in food. :( The other thing, and I don't know if it's related to the rash or not, is that about 3 pm every day, I feel like I'm coming down with the flu or something. This has happened since last weekend. I thought I was just worn out from a fun filled trip...but it has continued every day. I get severely tired, and my body aches...sometimes I come out of it after laying down for a bit..but a few days this week, it caused me to just go to bed at about 8 pm. Unfortunately, when faced with physical challenges like this, instead of putting on the attitude of wanting to consume what is best for my body, I go the opposite direction and I want to eat junk. It's a terrible cycle really, because then eat the junk and get mad at myself for being that way. I have even refrained from buying junk, only to continue to find it in any way I can. I mean, marshmallows? Who sits down and eats marshmallows? They didn't even taste that good :( I'm reminded of a story Oprah told once about not buying any sweets, and being so desperate for something sweet that she found frozen hot dog buns in the freezer and ate them with syrup. I feel like that sometimes! I can keep out the 'bad' stuff, but it makes me just settle for stuff I don't even like that much that is just as bad for me. I have been sore from starting on resistance training again, and I don't know if that is contributing to the aches or what...I'm just thankful that I make it to the gym when I have the energy. I am used to the exercise giving me energy for the day, though...so the dive I keep taking is really bumming me out.

Ok, lots of stuff rolling around in my head...wondering if I lack the proper motivation....if my goals are wrong...if I'm superficial...I can be pretty tough on myself but I didn't realize just how much until a friend challenged me to do an exercise and express the things I love about myself. I thought that would be easy...I love being a mom, after all...that is what has defined me for almost 21 years now. As we were challenging each other, my friend went ahead and said about herself, "I love my hair" and "I love that I'm silly". When I saw her answers (and I hope she doesn't mind that I am sharing this story...), I sat there and tried really hard to form a statement like that that I truly believed. I stole hers, and said that I too love that I am silly. I couldn't express anything else. I AM NOT telling you this story to get you to feel sorry for me. Instead, I am letting you know something I learned that day...that I've always thought it was because of my weight that I couldn't look at myself and love me because of how I LOOKED....that if I was happy with how I looked, the rest of my life would go smoother...because then I would have it 'all together'. As I continue this struggle with weight loss, I uncover more and more issues that are not just food (although I do think food is an issue in itself). So, it isn't just about how I look, but about what's inside, and the fact that I struggle to love myself. I can only hope that maybe by sharing this, that I can finally start to figure out how to start fixing that 'little' problem. Then maybe, just maybe, I will be able to express many things that I love about myself.

Oh how I wait for an epiphany that will make everything clear as to why I struggle with emotions and food. It seems I have had many...and each one seems to be the answer, until it doesn't seem to be the answer anymore. I really don't know if anything I've typed today really makes any sense. I know it's a lot to read, and for those of you who stuck with it, I applaud you! I'm gonna go see a movie now...and I'm probably gonna eat popcorn and have some pop. But I may not. Tune in tomorrow to see what happened :)

Day 16: Really? 16 days gone already, and no real progress? Hmmm....the progress may just be going on in other areas....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 15

So, maybe I wasn't really ready to take on this challenge.

Two years ago when I started working out at my gym, and making changes in my diet, I started dropping weight pretty easily, with what seemed like minor changes. The biggest change was starting to exercise regularly. For the last year, it has been much harder to see results. I hate that I've gained back 20 pounds, but what I'm hating even more is that I am making changes again after months of reverting back to bad habits and inactivity, and I'm not seeing results. I mentioned yesterday that I'm maintaining now, whereas I was gaining before. I do realize this is progress, but I wanted to see rewards immediately, like I did before. And I know we can poke holes in what I'm eating...I know I can do better, and worse yet, I know what works....but there is some reason that I'm not doing it. Is there a therapist in the house?!

Ok, the bitching is out of the way for now...Here's yesterday's food consumption:

Breakfast: 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg scrambled with 1/2 green pepper and a sprinkle of italian cheese blend, whole wheat toast w/ 1 T. peanut butter, 1/2 apple, 4 oz skim milk
Workout: 30 minutes resistance/weight training, 20 minutes on the treadmill
Post Workout: Protein shake w/ blueberries and skim milk
Snack: dark chocolate covered pomegranate things (10)
Snack: pepsi (good choice, don't ya think?...sheesh...)
Dinner: Steamed Rice along with sample portions of pad thai, sesame chicken and royal chicken, 2 crab cheese wontons, Coors Light
I think I got about 70 oz of water in.

Not enough food, too much sodium, not enough water....blah blah blah....I apologize to anyone looking for inspiration today. Kari is FRUSTRATED with herself. Somehow I have to think of the positives. I continue to keep my portions on the small side. The take out last night tasted so good. I took a little of each, and I was satisfied with that. I listened to my body telling me it was full, and didn't eat some more just because it tasted good. There....I found a positive. Another positive is that I've experienced a couple of good nights of sleep. I have been struggling with sleeping well, mostly because of the musical beds we play with our 5 and 3 year old kids during the night. I realize sleep is just as important to this weight loss thing as the other changes I'm making, so I hope this trend continues. It stinks being ready for bed at 8:30, but I gotta go with what my body is telling me!

Day 15: Gorgeous day outside, tumultuous one inside of me. Maybe it's PMS. ;)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 14

Hello....ah, you know who it is by now, don't you?!!

Let me get a little bit of frustration out of the way first. Two weeks of working out nearly every day, and trying hard to watch my food intake...and I am not seeing a difference on the scale. It's like my little weekend trip wiped out all of the good I had done, and now this week has been a mental and physical struggle to do anything right. I know it isn't all about the scale. I do pat myself on the back for eating only half of an apple cobbler or getting all of my water in for the day. But dang it, I just want to see the results on the scale. Maybe my scale is broken. I think I should buy a new one.... ;)

Breakfast: 2 egg whites plus one whole egg scrambled with 1/2 chopped green pepper, 1/8 cup Italian cheese blend, 1 slice orowheat 100 % whole wheat toast w/ about 2 tsp of honey, 6 oz skim milk
Lunch: Chick Fil A (8 nuggets, waffle fries and Dr. Pepper)
Snack: 6 dark chocolate covered pomegranate things (size of blueberries)
Workout: 45 minutes on the elliptical...HARD (The machine said I burned over 500 calories...)
Dinner: Homemade soup (chicken, chicken broth, tomato sauce, corn, black beans, green chiles, a sprinkle of cheese), four saltine crackers
Dessert?: 1 Coors Light
Snack: about 20 gummy bears
I think I got about 70 oz of water in yesterday, so a little below my goal of 80 oz.
I'm sure most everything I had today was loaded with sodium, so I would imagine I'm retaining water like a sponge....

Yes, I went to Chick Fil A yesterday. And yes, I know they have salads and grilled chicken and fruit. Somehow, I have a hard time resisting those nuggets and waffle fries. Gee, I wonder how I got overweight? Fast food is definitely a weakness of mine. Best plan would be to stay away. I do know this. And for the first week of this challenge I did pretty good with that. I should go back and look, but I think maybe I didn't have any fast food at all...oh wait, I forgot...I had a little drop in to McDonald's. Well, anyway, once a week is quite an improvement over the several times I would find myself going through a drive thru. The kids had a blast playing at Chick Fil A and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal :)

Day 14: I seem to be doing a good job of maintaining my current weight...and this is much better than continuing to gain....Now, on to the dropping of it!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 13

Hello. My name is Kari, and I sometimes wish I hadn't decided to do this little exercise of putting my food consumption out for the whole world to see.

Food for yesterday consisted of the following: (I don't think I even need to try to categorize into 'meals'....ugh)

pop tart, pizza, microwave popcorn, gummy bears, chocolate chips, chicken tortilla soup, spinach, Coors Light, apple cobbler and ice cream (The portions were not bad of each of these things...except maybe the popcorn. Probably ate 3/4 of the bag)

I did manage to get a veggie in yesterday via the raw spinach...and a fruit via the apple cobbler HAHAHAHA. I did consume 80z of water, and I took a brisk 1.25 hour walk outside.

I don't have much to say except that this week I have been LAZY. Thank goodness I have managed to get exercise in instead of blowing that off. But I've been too lazy, or tired or something to get to the store and purchase the stuff that I need to eat healthy. So, I am grabbing whatever...not so mindlessly...I am very aware of what I'm grabbing, thanks to this little blog. And I curse every time, because the thought always goes through my mind that I will just conveniently forget to mention something, like the handful of chocolate chips, or the half a bag of gummy bears. Then I tell myself, what is the use of doing the blog, if you aren't gonna own up to what you are doing and what you are struggling with? There wouldn't be much point in that. So, I continue to tell it to you like it is!

Day 13: Trying to remember to look at the positives and not beat myself up. I did exercise, I watched my portions, I drank my water. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 12

Hello. My name is Kari, and I made it through another day.

Yesterday was just kind of a 'blah' day. I've already forgotten what I ate...oh wait...maybe I'm remembering some of it....

Breakfast: about 3/4 cup Cheerios w/ about 1/2 cup 1% milk
Workout: 5 minute warm up on the treadmill, 5 minutes of a straight jog, 20 minutes of intervals (running for a minute, walking for 2 minutes), 20 minutes on the elliptical
Post Workout/Lunch: Egg white sandwich from Starbucks, Tall nonfat vanilla latte (I really need to get to the store!)
Snack: 1/2 waffle, plain
Dinner: Green Giant Healthy Weight frozen veggie (black beans, edamame, carrots, green beans), 1 slice leftover thin crust Pizza Hut sausage pizza, water
Dessert: 2 white chocolate macadamia nut cookies
Snack: Microwave popcorn
I got 80 oz of water in throughout the day.

The only thing I really grabbed mindlessly was the waffle while I was making them for the kids. I am still greatly lacking in the fruits, veggies and good proteins. This will be remedied by a trip to the grocery store, which I just couldn't quite get to yesterday. I am encouraged that I didn't really go overboard on anything.

Today I started off less than perfect with a pop tart, and approximately 2 hours of sleep last night....but I'm not going to keep shooting holes in my tires. That's over and done, and I'm gonna do my best to make it a day of good choices.

Day 12: Meh...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 11

Hello. My name is Kari, and I am not good with flat tires.

I posted the following on my facebook about a week ago: "Remember that you don’t have to be perfect to lose weight. If you get off track, you just get right back on. Don’t let yourself sabotage the rest of the day or week or month. It’s like getting a flat tire—you fix it and move on, you don’t poke holes in the rest of your tires."
Oh how I wish I knew how to take to heart these things that I pass along!

I took a wonderful little trip to San Diego this weekend. I watched what I ate, and did not go overboard on anything. The alcohol was kept to two drinks the whole weekend. I did not do a whole bunch of snacking. We walked a lot, and I even rode a surrey for a while. (It did not have a fringe on top, for those of you that might be wondering). And even though I know that I didn't get enough water in over the weekend, and that flying causes all kinds of strange things in the body, I was so bummed to see a gain yesterday. I should have stayed off of the scale, but I have weighed myself on Monday mornings for 2 years now. I am keeping track, and I wanted to continue with that. But what it did to me yesterday was deflate a tire, and I poked holes in the rest of the tires all day long. I did get a workout in first thing...and it was a tough one. There was some good, but definitely a lot of bad that went on yesterday. I guess what I get so discouraged about is how long and hard I have to work to get the weight off, and how easily it comes back on in such a short amount of time. Ugh.

Breakfast: protein bar
Workout: 10 minutes elliptical, 30 minutes weight training, 20 minutes recumbent bike
Post Workout: Starbucks oatmeal, non fat vanilla latte
Lunch/afternoon snack: microwave popcorn and water
Dinner: an insane amount of Pizza Hut pizza....I could not stop eating, Pepsi
Throughout the entire day: Laffy Taffy...I just kept grabbing from the bag...why did I buy this anyway?!!!

Obviously, I was missing things like fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins yesterday....just your basic good and healthy food, really. And these are the things that would have filled me up so I wouldn't have felt the need to gorge myself on pizza at the end of the day. I know better!

I haven't eaten yet today, but am deciding if I will be good or bad. Yes, I am actually sitting here and it's like a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, trying to persuade me. The devil is saying, "Go ahead and make the pancakes your son is asking you to make, and enjoy them...as many as you want." The angel is saying, "Go scramble up your egg whites and some green peppers, and get back on track today." Then the devil says "you can get back on track tomorrow...enjoy one more day of crap food...you have to eat the leftover pizza for lunch anyway so it doesn't go to waste." And the angel...."Don't put it off, seize this moment". Gosh darn it, I wish they would both just shut up!!!

Moderation...how about I just aim for that today? As I transition back in to what I need to do, I will choose moderation. And I'll get to the gym and grocery store today. Such simple little goals really...I can achieve those :)

Day 11: Disappointing, but today's a new day! Blowing the tires back up, and gonna try my best to keep them inflated...or at least patch them up really well!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Days 7 through 10

Hello. My name is Kari, and I will not be blogging about Days 7 through 10. I'm having an adventure!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 6

Hello. My name is Kari, and I am sore!

I actually did a workout that was not just cardio yesterday. And boy, do I feel it today. I had a session with a trainer. As he was trying to assess where my fitness level was, he asked me to do push ups. I warned him that I've only done 'girl' push ups, as that is all I've ever been able to do (those are pushups from the knees, not the toes). Well, I proceeded to enter in to my first girl push up, and was unable to get back up. I guess six months of doing nothing has really set me back :( What a bummer! I am thrilled that I worked some muscles yesterday...and even excited that I'm sore.

I didn't have the best day of eating yesterday, but not the worst either.

Breakfast: protein bar
snack: apple
Workout: 5 minute elliptical, 30 minutes weight training, 20 minutes recumbent bike, 10 minutes elliptical
Post workout: Protein Smoothie (with skim milk, blueberries, banana, spinach and protein powder), 2 graham cracker sheets
Lunch: McDonalds cheeseburger, small fry and Dr. Pepper
Snack: 10 chocolate covered pomegranate things, 2 single bite Butterfingers
Dinner: Chicken tortilla casserole and a large romaine lettuce salad with fat free dressing
Dessert: 1 graham cracker sheet

I find it ironic that I use a facebook status yesterday that mentions not resorting to McDonald's and Dr. Pepper and I do both yesterday. Wonderful! Here's my excuse....I was running late to meet a friend at the mall, and I grabbed McDonald's and ate it on the way. How's that? You might say, "Practice better time management, Kari", and I would have to agree with you.

I did get a little extra exercise by walking the mall, and then spending some extra time in a blizzard in the parking lot afterwards. Ah, good times....Love it when you head to your car and can't find it... And then you realize you're looking for the wrong car. Maybe I need to be exercising my mind as well as my body, to try and get a little sharper. Holy cow!

I am seeing a pattern that I am hungry in the afternoon before dinner, or even while I'm making dinner. Today I will try to sit down and have a pre-dinner salad instead of grabbing candy off of the counter.

Day 6: Bummed that I am weak, but glad to be on my way to getting strong.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 5

Hello. My name is Kari, and I am not sure that I can continue starting my blog this way every day. It seemed like a good idea at the start.....

Here's what yesterday looked like:

Breakfast: Protein Bar
Snack: orange
2nd Breakfast or Early Lunch, Pre Workout: 1 whole egg, plus 2 egg whites scrambled with 1/2 green pepper, 1/2 piece of Orowheat 100% whole wheat toast with honey
Workout: 50 minutes on elliptical
Post Workout: Dark chocolate covered pomegranate things(about 1/4 cup), 5 potato chips
Another Snack about 45 minutes later, or lunch...I don't know!: bowl of Cheerios
Dinner: soup (homemade w/ chicken, green chiles, tomatoes, black beans, corn, chicken broth, a bit of light sour cream stirred in and a small pinch of cheese)

I would normally be having something other than a protein bar for 'breakfast'. Right now, however, my body wants me awake early. Since I read that you should eat within an hour of getting up, and everyone else is still sleeping, I grab the bar instead of making a ruckus in the kitchen. I was a little too light on my veggies yesterday. I fully intended to make a smoothie with spinach again, or to have a salad. Instead I grabbed things after my workout that I didn't really intend to grab. Well, I did buy those pomegranate things at Costco because I thought they would make a good alternative to the chocolate chips I've been grabbing. After all, they are dark chocolate and pomegranate...there's good stuff to be had in that, right? Anyway, they were sooooo good, but sweet. So, I cut the sweet with a few potato chips. Nice. Wonderful vicious little circle that I could have been caught in and have been caught in before. But I stopped at 5! Those 5 were plenty to do the trick. Anyway, I ran out of time to make a smoothie as I had to get ready to go to the dentist.

I didn't snack in the afternoon, but I can't really take credit for that. I can thank my dentist's office. I was there for three hours while my kids got fillings. I did not plan on being there that long, so I endured a bit of a headache, but I was glad to have brought water along. I put soup in the crock pot in the morning, and it seemed pretty healthy....A lot of canned stuff, though, so I'm sure the sodium was a bit high. But it sure tasted good for dinner! Eating dinner at 7 pm made it so that I didn't need a snack in the evening.

I started taking Vitamin D in addition to the multivitamin, fish oil, joint support, and Vitamin C that I'm taking. As two doctors over the last year have recommended it, I finally thought I better give it a go. I'm not sure if it will have any effect on my appetite or anything. I'm hoping that the lady at Sprouts who rang it up for me was on to something when she said she began losing weight when she started taking her Vitamin D.....

Day 5: A good one :) I'm thankful that I'm more aware of what I'm eating and why, even if it is chocolate and potato chips.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 4

Hello. My name is Kari, and I sometimes don't have a lot to say.

I know you all are just dying to see what I ate yesterday...and I feel like I should just go ahead and blog about today too, but I won't. I have a little girl whispering in my ear as I'm sitting here trying to craft a wonderful blog entry. It is pretty darn cute...she's telling me she loves me so so so so so so so so so much, to the moon. And that the noise I just heard is her tummy. And as she is playing with my hair, she's asking if it's making me happy. Now I know why I haven't started on the novel I intend to write. But I am getting way off track here. Here's what yesterday looked like:

Breakfast: protein bar
Workout: 35 minutes on treadmill, 10 minutes on elliptical
Post workout: 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 2 chopped green onions, 1 slice orowheat 100% whole wheat toast w/honey, orange
Lunch: eating out at Hoffbrau: I chose a wrap that had grilled chicken, lettuce, red and green peppers and pineapple...I asked for the teriyaki sauce on the side that usually came in it, and a salad w/ dressing on the side, vodka and soda to drink, along with water. I ate one half of the wrap, then took all of the insides out of the other half and ate just those without the tortilla thing.
Snack: Smoothie with banana, bluberries, spinach, skim milk, and some protein powder.
Dinner: Salad, chicken in spaghetti sauce, tiny bit of spaghetti noodles, water to drink.

I came home starving from my lunch and trip to Costco, so I made the smoothie while I prepared dinner. Never thought I'd be putting spinach in a smoothie, but by golly, it was good!! Great way to get in some more veggies! By the time dinner was ready, I wasn't really very hungry. I have to admit it was nice to not feel hungry for a bit. I am really struggling with the hunger thing. I'm probably gonna have to look at everything and see if I'm getting enough calories in for the amount that I'm working out. I intend to log everything in to Livestrong.com....just haven't gotten to it yet!

Day 4: Seemed to make decent choices out to eat again, and I didn't do any grabbing of random crap. Progress?!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 3

Hello. My name is Kari, and I am human.

It's Day 3 and I flubbed up a bit. I had already been thinking that it might be a no workout day, since I had worked out four days in a row. And then there was brunch/lunch with a friend...Having been successful at eating out the night before, I was prepared to do my best to order the right thing. I think I did until I said, "what the heck" about a couple of things. I did a little homework ahead of time, as far as choosing a drink to order. My research indicated a few lower calorie alcoholic drinks. I decided on a Bloody Mary, since it has tomato juice in it after all...kinda healthy right? Um, ick. Switched to beer after that...yikes! But my biggest mistake, was taking a look at the brunch menu, even though we were there at 11:30, and it was clearly a suitable time for just lunch. I did choose the soup and salad option off the lunch menu, which was a small cup of chicken tortilla soup, and I asked for the salad to be spinach with fat free dressing on the side. But darn it if I didn't fall prey to the side of pancakes that were only $1.50. I only ate half but I shouldn't have eaten them at all...they weren't that good. I need to be a little pickier about my calories...and not use them up on something that I'm not enjoying, like a Bloody Mary or mediocre pancakes. So, here's what all of yesterday looked like:

Breakfast: Protein Bar
Lunch: 1 large pancake, cup of soup, 2 saltine crackers, spinach salad, water, 3/4 of a Bloody Mary, beer
Snack: 10 Natural Cheetos (I know, how in the world can Cheetos be natural? And yes, I finally gave in to them)
Snack: Cinnamon roll, while I was making dinner....oh my goodness, what is wrong with me?!
Dinner: salmon, 1 1/2 roma tomatoes sliced with Balsamic Vinegar drizzled on them, 5 bites of a sausage stromboli thingy I made for the rest of the family.
Snack: 10 pieces of microwave popcorn

I again had 80 oz of water. I missed out on fruit for the day, but got a pretty decent amount of veggies in. I don't show a loss this morning, but I can look and see why...no workout plus alcohol, Cheetos and sweet doughy things does not a good combo make.

Day 3: An enjoyable day...and I'm not gonna beat myself up about the 'mistakes'. Just gonna keep on keepin on today!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 2

Hello. My name is Kari, and I seem to have very little will power.

I think one of the hardest things about my struggle with weight has been my husband. The poor dear just doesn't know how to help me. And as I've mentioned before, he doesn't understand the pull that food has on me. He is able to take it or leave it, whether it's dessert, or chips, or whatever! As I started writing this, I noticed someone had left a bag of snacks in here, and as I was pulling them up to go put them back in the pantry, I was very close to just grabbing some. It's 8 o'clock in the morning...Just the sight of a bag of salty puffed crap makes me want to grab them and stuff some in my mouth, and I'm not even hungry. My husband doesn't understand that....Heck, I don't understand that! He has tried for 20 years to be supportive as I try and fail, try and fail. So, I guess after 20 years, he has decided to resort to drastic measures. And so here is a scene from yesterday. I came home from my workout, made a protein shake with fruit in it and sat down to watch Despicable Me with the family. It was about 11:30 so one of my teenage sons was making a frozen pizza for lunch. I had already inhaled a handful of chocolate chips as I was making my shake because I was starving after my 45 minutes on the elliptical. But my shake tasted good and I was enjoying it. When I went to put my empty cup in the sink, the remainder of my son's pizza was on the stove...and it smelled and looked darn good. I grabbed a piece and took a bite and walked back in to the family room, fully intending to eat the entire piece of pizza. My sweet dear stood up out of his easy chair, grabbed the pizza out of my hand and chucked it back on the pan. He actually did the same thing with a bag of chips the other day. Now, I am a grown damn woman, so initially I was pissed that he would do such a thing. I should be able to choose what I want to eat and when. BUT, he has seen how I mindlessly do these things, and has decided he's tired of hearing me complain about how I feel and look. So, I guess my husband may be a snack Nazi for a while...I did thank him after the initial shock wore off from being denied the hot bit of oozy melty cheesy pizza. But I have to wonder, why is my will power so weak at the moment? At other times, even just a couple of months ago, I wasn't tempted by these things at all. Oh the mysteries of the body and mind....I wonder if I will ever get them figured out?!


Breakfast: 2 egg whites + 1 whole egg, scrambled with 2 chopped green onions, 4 oz skim milk to drink, 1/2 piece of orowheat 100% whole wheat toast w/ a dab of honey
Workout: 45 minutes on elliptical
Post Workout/Lunch: protein shake with 1/4 cup blueberries and a banana, a bite of frozen cheese pizza, handful of chocolate chips
Snack: Oops...3 mini Baby Ruth...they're the little tiny square one bite ones....I'm allowed, right?! Now if I could just stop at one....
Dinner: At Chili's, salad with dressing on the side (dipped my fork in the dressing about every other bite), 1/2 portion salmon, about 1/2 cup steamed broccoli, one bite of lava cake, water to drink
Snack: About 10 pieces of popped microwave popcorn
I drank approximately 80 oz of water yesterday. I am taking a multivitamin, fish oil, and joint support daily, as well as an extra Vitamin C to ward off the cold that my son has. I'm down some more on the scale today, which helps me to stay motivated since the changes I've made the last two days have made a difference already.

Day 2: Over and done! Difficult but eye-opening. When I cut out so much crap from my diet, it's like a numbness is wearing off and I can sense more of what my body is telling me it needs. Now if only my brain won't get in the way of what my body is saying.....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 1, Take 2, or 3 or 4 or 5.....

Hello. My name is Kari, and I start weight loss journeys and don't finish them on a regular basis.

So here we go...The body transformation challenge at the gym is on again. I weighed in yesterday morning and let me tell you, it was not pretty. I am beginning this year's challenge 10 pounds heavier than last year's. This means that not only did I gain back the 10 or so pounds I lost on last year's challenge, but another 10 I had already lost before the challenge began. What the heck?! Just when I think I have things under 'control', I apparently lose all control!! Here's how Day 1 of this challenge looked:

Breakfast: Protein bar
Workout: 45 minutes on the elliptical
Post-Workout: Two eggs, mixed greens salad, 1 orange
Lunch: A Whole Foods salad bar salad...spinach, mixed greens, blueberries, strawberries, almonds, chicken, broccoli, celery, cucumbers, balsamic vinagrette
Snack: about 20 chocolate chips
Dinner: Mongolian Beef (Homemade) (strips of steak, in a sauce of soy sauce, garlic, water, cornstarch, red pepper flakes, over brown rice)
Dessert: small piece of chocolate cake, two wheat thins w/ some dip

I will admit I was hungry all damn day. It took me 1.5 hours to eat that salad at Whole Foods as I was chatting with a friend while I was eating. And it was a BIG salad! As I was walking out to the car, I thought to myself, "crap, I'm hungry". I drank water like crazy to try and ward off the 'hunger'. My husband was less than sympathetic as I was lusting after every food I saw on TV. He just doesn't understand because he doesn't snack, like ever. Food is not the enticing lover to him that it is to me.

I attended a Pampered Chef party last night. If you don't know, they make food at these parties...I was proud of myself for passing on one of the recipes that was made, and only indulging in a small piece of the cake. (Truth be told, I got a very small piece and it was so darn good, I went and got another very small piece....) I also only had a couple of munchies the hostess set out. And here is the BIG news....I passed on any drinks too. I had my water bottle with me, full of ice cold water, and sipped on that all night. Yes, this is Kari, for anyone who may think they're reading the wrong blog after that tidbit of information.

The results so far? Down 2.5 pounds today. I am not gonna go crazy over this because it's one darn day. But I stepped on the scale because I had to make sure I saw that the changes I made yesterday made a difference. And they did. Gonna try my best to stay on track today.

I'm getting ready to head to the gym. I'm focusing on just cardio at the moment. I'm staying with the elliptical for now to keep everything low impact. For anyone that struggles with joint pain, I really encourage you to try an elliptical. It really does help to get you moving without pounding on your knees or hips....I had to back off the treadmill for now because of those issues.

Here is what I need from anyone reading this blog....Help me, and help me to help others!! Last year, I was incredibly encouraged by the people who read it and shared with me their struggles, or told me they forwarded the blog on to a friend, or just gave me a word of encouragement. I'm writing the blog again so that I can again be held accountable, but also to hopefully strike a chord with someone. Perhaps they can see that I am struggling with similar things they may be struggling with. We are in this together, everybody!!!

I am trying to keep my food consumption in the front of my consciousness, instead of mindlessly grabbing whatever smells or looks good, or is staring me in the face. Yes, it takes some extra planning and some extra work. But again, I have to tell myself that it's worth it. That I am worth it.

Day 1: Difficult but invigorating. And so the journey begins....again.