Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 20

Here's really all you need to know about yesterday: I ate at Smashburger for lunch. The shredded wheat I had for breakfast, and the avocado slices and Mexican casserole thing for dinner don't really matter. I "saved up" for lunch, because I knew I was going there. I even went online trying to find nutrition and calorie information so I could make an informed choice when I got there. Big red flag: no info to be found. I told myself that I would get a kids meal and a side salad. I walked in the door extremely hungry and my plan went awry. I wanted the whole shebang. I created my own, chose a multigrain bun, got water instead of pop. Got home and logged in to my food diary, where a smashburger came up at 1010 calories. WHAT?? Are you serious? I could have just gotten most of my allowed calories today in just the burger I ate? I googled some more, and just about everywhere came up with this figure. Since Smashburger doesn't provide this info, I guess someone could have made this up, and it got out there somehow and this is what everyone is using...That's what I'm hoping for. :) It was brought to my attention that I don't do this every day, so it's not that bad. I appreciated those kind words....and it really was very good. I enjoyed every bite. But I'm not enjoying it today. And, oh yeah, it was my day off from the gym. I think my body was grateful for the break because I was very sore. However, no exercise + 1000 calorie burger = good luck with losing any weight any time soon!

Day 20: Can I have a do-over please?

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