Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 15

I really don't feel like blogging this morning...But I'm gonna try to stay positive! Yesterday:

Breakfast: 7:30 am
Cream of Wheat, skim milk

Snack: 10:30 am
Rhode's cinnamon roll

Lunch: 1:45 pm
2 cups romaine lettuce, 1 T. creamy caesar dressing, 1 slice Fazoli's pepperoni pizza, water to drink

Snack: 2:30 pm
protein bar

Continued snack: 3:15 pm
2 licorice twists, 2 Hostess powdered donettes

Dinner: 7:30 pm
Royal Chicken w/ 1/2 cup brown rice, one spring roll, one crab wonton, skim milk

So, I weighed in at 179.5 this morning. That is down another 1/2 pound from last Monday. I was fine with being down 1/2 pound last week, but I'm not this week. See, I snuck a peak earlier in the week and I was down two pounds already! I was really hoping to be able to come and report a 2 pound loss for the week. No such luck. Looking at what I did this weekend, though, it's easy to see why that wouldn't have been the case. Weekends are tough!!!

I did a whole bunch of lifting and hauling of stuff this weekend, along with my work outs. I was pretty hungry yesterday, as I was doing all of this. That would explain the grabbing of the cinnamon roll. And just so you know, I DID NOT buy the licorice or the donuts. My husband brought those home and I found myself grabbing those as well. And then the take out from Spring Thai last night...well, it was delicious, and I did get brown rice, and there were vegetables in my meal, but I'm sure it was laden with sodium, so I would bet I'm retaining some water at this point. If I really want to see the quicker results, I really need to stop doing this stuff! Otherwise, I just need to be happy with half a pound a week, and not dwell on it. There's a lot of positive stuff going on here, like how I'm feeling, and the added energy I have. I can't get totally ticked off just because of a darn scale.

I did a 30 minute weight workout, along with 30 minutes on the treadmill. My back was really hurting by the end of my time on the treadmill. I continued to experience back trouble last night. It seems to be better this morning, but I think I'm gonna have to watch what I do today. I guess all of the folding, hauling, lifting, shoving, bending, and vacuuming, that I was doing this weekend was a little much on my poor back.

Day 15: Productive day in the house. Not so great a day for what I was eating. I'll try to get back on track today.

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