Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 39

I am thankful that I did not experience a migraine yesterday. I am still experiencing a headache which is really bumming me out. Guess it will be time to check things out if it goes on much longer. I still feel as if my muscles are tight all over and I'm just wondering if that could be why the head hurts. Oh how I can't wait for that massage to get scheduled!

Yesterday's foods:

Breakfast 8:30 am: 1 cup spoon size shredded wheat, 3/4 cup skim milk

Snack 10:15 am: 4 Hostess Donettes

Lunch 12:30 pm: Scrambled 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1/4 of a red pepper, 1/8 cup monterey jack cheese; 1 orange, 1 graham cracker

Post-workout snack 4:00 pm: APEX workout shake, banana

Dinner 6:30 pm: small bowl of cheesy potato and ham soup, 1 pillsbury breadstick (I did make the soup with skim milk, and it has celery and onion in it....It was super yummy, and a hit with the family! Just kept my portion on the small side :)

Snack 8:00 pm: 1 package of Gushers 'fruit' snacks

I worked out for an hour on the treadmill, burning 645 calories according to stats on the treadmill. Not sure how I'm able to burn more calories on the elliptical in the same amount of time...but I continue to go back and forth between the two machines to try and use different muscles, and so my body doesn't get used to any one thing. I'm missing my weight work outs with my training partner. I hope we'll be able to meet up again soon. Without him, I have just been choosing to kick up the cardio a notch.

I got about 70 ounces of water in yesterday. I did take Advil on two occasions as I felt my headache start to intensify.

Day 39: Ah, no blinding headache!

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