Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 40

Oh happy day! I woke up with no headache today! I still had one yesterday, except for when I worked out. Not sure what that is about...but I am cautiously optimistic at the moment. Maybe today will be headache free!

yesterday's foods:

Breakfast 8:00 am: egg scramble: 2 egg whites, 1 egg, 1/4 green pepper, 1/8 cup monterey jack cheese, 1 cup skim milk, 1 piece whole wheat toast w/ Skippy natural peanut butter (about 3 tsp)

Snack 10:00 am: 4 Hostess Donettes (who bought these anyway?!)

Lunch 12:45 pm: 1 chicken nugget, 4 bites of cheeseburger, 2 apple slices, 1 6" Subway tuna on wheat w/ lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, 3/4 of a white chocolate chunk macadamia nut cookie (at the mall....yes, I was hungry :( )

Post-Workout Snack 3:45 pm: APEX workout shake

Dinner 6:30 pm: cashew rice, stir fry chicken, 1 Coors Light

Snack 8:30 pm: protein bar

I worked out for 50 minutes on the elliptical, burning 545 calories. I probably got just about 64 ounces of water in...not enough, I'm sure!

So, today is Friday, and if I'm switching to a Friday weigh-in, I guess I will report that I am down 1/2 pound from last Friday. Tomorrow is the 6-week weigh-in at the gym. I hope to see some good results there!

I do feel like I am creating some good new habits. It is hard not to get frustrated that it isn't going a little faster. It would seem with a trip to the gym every day, that I would be seeing results faster...but the whole nutrition piece needs to get in line, I guess. I am encouraged though, that I am wanting to go to the gym every day, and not dreading it. I hope this continues....I just know that it's important for me to incorporate exercising in to my 'normal' life, not just when I want to lose weight. I am almost 40...and I need to keep my heart healthy, my bones, muscles, organs healthy! Sitting on the couch isn't gonna do that...I am fortunate that I am able to take the time every day to get up and go to the gym. I encourage anyone who is struggling with finding the time, to make it a priority. So much good comes from it...for you and even for the people surrounding you. Even if it's for a 20 minute walk gym membership required :)

I bought some new jeans yesterday. I haven't wanted to buy any clothes because I want to think I'll be getting out of my current size soon. But I am in love with the fact that these were a size 12. I can't believe I was putting on size 22 jeans about a year and a half ago. And they were feeling snug. I want to cry, thinking about how sad I was to be so much bigger. I really tried to be happy with myself, and accept that I was going to be that size forever. I wanted it to be ok, no matter what size I was...I was still 'me', after all. And I didn't want to do the work to lose weight. But I had the worries in the back of my mind...what if I get diabetes? what if I have a heart attack? Although I know I can't really prevent these things from happening...I can do what I can to make them less likely. I was "obese", and it was a good day when I decided that wasn't going to be ok anymore.

Not sure where the reflectiveness is coming from today, but I'm just feeling like I need to look at how far I've come to maybe encourage me in the continuing journey. :)

Day 40: It was another good and bad day :) But mostly good!!!

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