Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 21

I am not giving up. But....I am taking this weekend off. This week has been torture on me mentally. I got so fed up yesterday, as I was trying to make good choices...I decided I wanted a break from thinking about whether I should have this or have that. This doesn't mean that I then went and raided the fridge and cupboards, and ate everything in sight. (It does mean that I pretty much had cookies and beer for dinner... :) I'm blaming all of you people too! Every time I think about eating something that isn't so great, I think about having to put it in my blog. I have been very honest about everything that I've been eating and doing. Friday was the first day that I actually said I wasn't going to 'fess up to everything on here. That is not going to fly with me! Once I start omitting pieces of info, there would be no point to continuing! So, I needed a free day or two....a break from reporting to you. If you really want to know what I ate yesterday, you can contact me privately and I'll tell ya. Heeheehee!

I did a great circuit workout class at my gym. It was cool to try something a little different. I drank lots of water when I went to lunch at PF Chang's. I laughed a lot last night....had to be a good workout for my abs. These are positives! Today is Super Bowl Sunday....I won't go overboard, but I'm still going to take that mental break. I have to shake things up tomorrow. But for today, I'll have a hot wing or two :)

Day 21: Time out!

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