Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 13

Hello. My name is Kari, and I sometimes wish I hadn't decided to do this little exercise of putting my food consumption out for the whole world to see.

Food for yesterday consisted of the following: (I don't think I even need to try to categorize into 'meals'....ugh)

pop tart, pizza, microwave popcorn, gummy bears, chocolate chips, chicken tortilla soup, spinach, Coors Light, apple cobbler and ice cream (The portions were not bad of each of these things...except maybe the popcorn. Probably ate 3/4 of the bag)

I did manage to get a veggie in yesterday via the raw spinach...and a fruit via the apple cobbler HAHAHAHA. I did consume 80z of water, and I took a brisk 1.25 hour walk outside.

I don't have much to say except that this week I have been LAZY. Thank goodness I have managed to get exercise in instead of blowing that off. But I've been too lazy, or tired or something to get to the store and purchase the stuff that I need to eat healthy. So, I am grabbing whatever...not so mindlessly...I am very aware of what I'm grabbing, thanks to this little blog. And I curse every time, because the thought always goes through my mind that I will just conveniently forget to mention something, like the handful of chocolate chips, or the half a bag of gummy bears. Then I tell myself, what is the use of doing the blog, if you aren't gonna own up to what you are doing and what you are struggling with? There wouldn't be much point in that. So, I continue to tell it to you like it is!

Day 13: Trying to remember to look at the positives and not beat myself up. I did exercise, I watched my portions, I drank my water. :)

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