Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 4

Hello. My name is Kari, and I sometimes don't have a lot to say.

I know you all are just dying to see what I ate yesterday...and I feel like I should just go ahead and blog about today too, but I won't. I have a little girl whispering in my ear as I'm sitting here trying to craft a wonderful blog entry. It is pretty darn cute...she's telling me she loves me so so so so so so so so so much, to the moon. And that the noise I just heard is her tummy. And as she is playing with my hair, she's asking if it's making me happy. Now I know why I haven't started on the novel I intend to write. But I am getting way off track here. Here's what yesterday looked like:

Breakfast: protein bar
Workout: 35 minutes on treadmill, 10 minutes on elliptical
Post workout: 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 2 chopped green onions, 1 slice orowheat 100% whole wheat toast w/honey, orange
Lunch: eating out at Hoffbrau: I chose a wrap that had grilled chicken, lettuce, red and green peppers and pineapple...I asked for the teriyaki sauce on the side that usually came in it, and a salad w/ dressing on the side, vodka and soda to drink, along with water. I ate one half of the wrap, then took all of the insides out of the other half and ate just those without the tortilla thing.
Snack: Smoothie with banana, bluberries, spinach, skim milk, and some protein powder.
Dinner: Salad, chicken in spaghetti sauce, tiny bit of spaghetti noodles, water to drink.

I came home starving from my lunch and trip to Costco, so I made the smoothie while I prepared dinner. Never thought I'd be putting spinach in a smoothie, but by golly, it was good!! Great way to get in some more veggies! By the time dinner was ready, I wasn't really very hungry. I have to admit it was nice to not feel hungry for a bit. I am really struggling with the hunger thing. I'm probably gonna have to look at everything and see if I'm getting enough calories in for the amount that I'm working out. I intend to log everything in to Livestrong.com....just haven't gotten to it yet!

Day 4: Seemed to make decent choices out to eat again, and I didn't do any grabbing of random crap. Progress?!


  1. I do kale or spinach in a smoothie daily. It is an awesome way of getting veggies, I can usually do 2 cups per smoothie. I think kale is better because it is less bitter than spinach. I put about a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract to add a little taste.

  2. Thanks, for the tips, Marcus! I've never purchased kale, so that is something I will have to look for!