Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 22

In an attempt to change the voices in my head, I will now try to talk about something I love about me.  It's such a tricky thing to do, because I don't want to sound conceited.  I would imagine that's one of the main reasons I haven't done it.  So, without practice, it is seeming very difficult.   It's been proven that people benefit from expressing gratitude like in a gratitude journal, so I have to believe that expressing love for myself, should benefit me too :)

Ok, so I do love my eyes.  Thank you, Mom and Dad, for that gift.  I don't even really know what color they are...I call them hazel, but there's really no brown in them, and I think the official definition of hazel includes brown.  They can look blue, and they can look green.  I feel somewhat unique being a dark-haired woman with lighter eyes.   They have served me well, since I haven't had glasses yet.  That doesn't mean that I don't need them...but I've functioned fine without the help of glasses, and I hope to continue that way for a while longer!  

Ok, phew....that was kinda tough.   Thanks to my friends who pointed out some things to get me started...I am certainly content with my eyes :)

Oh, how I wish I had some profound way to wrap this up.  My Day 22 of this 'challenge' found me anxiously awaiting the return of my husband from a 10 day business trip.  And then it found me sitting on the couch all night, cuddling up and watching TV with him.  We ate lasagna for dinner, and popcorn for a snack.  I loved on my husband, and I loved on my kids.  That was a pretty darn good day!  

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