Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 3

Hello. My name is Kari, and I am human.

It's Day 3 and I flubbed up a bit. I had already been thinking that it might be a no workout day, since I had worked out four days in a row. And then there was brunch/lunch with a friend...Having been successful at eating out the night before, I was prepared to do my best to order the right thing. I think I did until I said, "what the heck" about a couple of things. I did a little homework ahead of time, as far as choosing a drink to order. My research indicated a few lower calorie alcoholic drinks. I decided on a Bloody Mary, since it has tomato juice in it after all...kinda healthy right? Um, ick. Switched to beer after that...yikes! But my biggest mistake, was taking a look at the brunch menu, even though we were there at 11:30, and it was clearly a suitable time for just lunch. I did choose the soup and salad option off the lunch menu, which was a small cup of chicken tortilla soup, and I asked for the salad to be spinach with fat free dressing on the side. But darn it if I didn't fall prey to the side of pancakes that were only $1.50. I only ate half but I shouldn't have eaten them at all...they weren't that good. I need to be a little pickier about my calories...and not use them up on something that I'm not enjoying, like a Bloody Mary or mediocre pancakes. So, here's what all of yesterday looked like:

Breakfast: Protein Bar
Lunch: 1 large pancake, cup of soup, 2 saltine crackers, spinach salad, water, 3/4 of a Bloody Mary, beer
Snack: 10 Natural Cheetos (I know, how in the world can Cheetos be natural? And yes, I finally gave in to them)
Snack: Cinnamon roll, while I was making dinner....oh my goodness, what is wrong with me?!
Dinner: salmon, 1 1/2 roma tomatoes sliced with Balsamic Vinegar drizzled on them, 5 bites of a sausage stromboli thingy I made for the rest of the family.
Snack: 10 pieces of microwave popcorn

I again had 80 oz of water. I missed out on fruit for the day, but got a pretty decent amount of veggies in. I don't show a loss this morning, but I can look and see workout plus alcohol, Cheetos and sweet doughy things does not a good combo make.

Day 3: An enjoyable day...and I'm not gonna beat myself up about the 'mistakes'. Just gonna keep on keepin on today!!

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