Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 14

Hello....ah, you know who it is by now, don't you?!!

Let me get a little bit of frustration out of the way first. Two weeks of working out nearly every day, and trying hard to watch my food intake...and I am not seeing a difference on the scale. It's like my little weekend trip wiped out all of the good I had done, and now this week has been a mental and physical struggle to do anything right. I know it isn't all about the scale. I do pat myself on the back for eating only half of an apple cobbler or getting all of my water in for the day. But dang it, I just want to see the results on the scale. Maybe my scale is broken. I think I should buy a new one.... ;)

Breakfast: 2 egg whites plus one whole egg scrambled with 1/2 chopped green pepper, 1/8 cup Italian cheese blend, 1 slice orowheat 100 % whole wheat toast w/ about 2 tsp of honey, 6 oz skim milk
Lunch: Chick Fil A (8 nuggets, waffle fries and Dr. Pepper)
Snack: 6 dark chocolate covered pomegranate things (size of blueberries)
Workout: 45 minutes on the elliptical...HARD (The machine said I burned over 500 calories...)
Dinner: Homemade soup (chicken, chicken broth, tomato sauce, corn, black beans, green chiles, a sprinkle of cheese), four saltine crackers
Dessert?: 1 Coors Light
Snack: about 20 gummy bears
I think I got about 70 oz of water in yesterday, so a little below my goal of 80 oz.
I'm sure most everything I had today was loaded with sodium, so I would imagine I'm retaining water like a sponge....

Yes, I went to Chick Fil A yesterday. And yes, I know they have salads and grilled chicken and fruit. Somehow, I have a hard time resisting those nuggets and waffle fries. Gee, I wonder how I got overweight? Fast food is definitely a weakness of mine. Best plan would be to stay away. I do know this. And for the first week of this challenge I did pretty good with that. I should go back and look, but I think maybe I didn't have any fast food at all...oh wait, I forgot...I had a little drop in to McDonald's. Well, anyway, once a week is quite an improvement over the several times I would find myself going through a drive thru. The kids had a blast playing at Chick Fil A and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal :)

Day 14: I seem to be doing a good job of maintaining my current weight...and this is much better than continuing to gain....Now, on to the dropping of it!!!

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