Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 5

Hello. My name is Kari, and I am not sure that I can continue starting my blog this way every day. It seemed like a good idea at the start.....

Here's what yesterday looked like:

Breakfast: Protein Bar
Snack: orange
2nd Breakfast or Early Lunch, Pre Workout: 1 whole egg, plus 2 egg whites scrambled with 1/2 green pepper, 1/2 piece of Orowheat 100% whole wheat toast with honey
Workout: 50 minutes on elliptical
Post Workout: Dark chocolate covered pomegranate things(about 1/4 cup), 5 potato chips
Another Snack about 45 minutes later, or lunch...I don't know!: bowl of Cheerios
Dinner: soup (homemade w/ chicken, green chiles, tomatoes, black beans, corn, chicken broth, a bit of light sour cream stirred in and a small pinch of cheese)

I would normally be having something other than a protein bar for 'breakfast'. Right now, however, my body wants me awake early. Since I read that you should eat within an hour of getting up, and everyone else is still sleeping, I grab the bar instead of making a ruckus in the kitchen. I was a little too light on my veggies yesterday. I fully intended to make a smoothie with spinach again, or to have a salad. Instead I grabbed things after my workout that I didn't really intend to grab. Well, I did buy those pomegranate things at Costco because I thought they would make a good alternative to the chocolate chips I've been grabbing. After all, they are dark chocolate and pomegranate...there's good stuff to be had in that, right? Anyway, they were sooooo good, but sweet. So, I cut the sweet with a few potato chips. Nice. Wonderful vicious little circle that I could have been caught in and have been caught in before. But I stopped at 5! Those 5 were plenty to do the trick. Anyway, I ran out of time to make a smoothie as I had to get ready to go to the dentist.

I didn't snack in the afternoon, but I can't really take credit for that. I can thank my dentist's office. I was there for three hours while my kids got fillings. I did not plan on being there that long, so I endured a bit of a headache, but I was glad to have brought water along. I put soup in the crock pot in the morning, and it seemed pretty healthy....A lot of canned stuff, though, so I'm sure the sodium was a bit high. But it sure tasted good for dinner! Eating dinner at 7 pm made it so that I didn't need a snack in the evening.

I started taking Vitamin D in addition to the multivitamin, fish oil, joint support, and Vitamin C that I'm taking. As two doctors over the last year have recommended it, I finally thought I better give it a go. I'm not sure if it will have any effect on my appetite or anything. I'm hoping that the lady at Sprouts who rang it up for me was on to something when she said she began losing weight when she started taking her Vitamin D.....

Day 5: A good one :) I'm thankful that I'm more aware of what I'm eating and why, even if it is chocolate and potato chips.

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