Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 11

Hello. My name is Kari, and I am not good with flat tires.

I posted the following on my facebook about a week ago: "Remember that you don’t have to be perfect to lose weight. If you get off track, you just get right back on. Don’t let yourself sabotage the rest of the day or week or month. It’s like getting a flat tire—you fix it and move on, you don’t poke holes in the rest of your tires."
Oh how I wish I knew how to take to heart these things that I pass along!

I took a wonderful little trip to San Diego this weekend. I watched what I ate, and did not go overboard on anything. The alcohol was kept to two drinks the whole weekend. I did not do a whole bunch of snacking. We walked a lot, and I even rode a surrey for a while. (It did not have a fringe on top, for those of you that might be wondering). And even though I know that I didn't get enough water in over the weekend, and that flying causes all kinds of strange things in the body, I was so bummed to see a gain yesterday. I should have stayed off of the scale, but I have weighed myself on Monday mornings for 2 years now. I am keeping track, and I wanted to continue with that. But what it did to me yesterday was deflate a tire, and I poked holes in the rest of the tires all day long. I did get a workout in first thing...and it was a tough one. There was some good, but definitely a lot of bad that went on yesterday. I guess what I get so discouraged about is how long and hard I have to work to get the weight off, and how easily it comes back on in such a short amount of time. Ugh.

Breakfast: protein bar
Workout: 10 minutes elliptical, 30 minutes weight training, 20 minutes recumbent bike
Post Workout: Starbucks oatmeal, non fat vanilla latte
Lunch/afternoon snack: microwave popcorn and water
Dinner: an insane amount of Pizza Hut pizza....I could not stop eating, Pepsi
Throughout the entire day: Laffy Taffy...I just kept grabbing from the bag...why did I buy this anyway?!!!

Obviously, I was missing things like fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins yesterday....just your basic good and healthy food, really. And these are the things that would have filled me up so I wouldn't have felt the need to gorge myself on pizza at the end of the day. I know better!

I haven't eaten yet today, but am deciding if I will be good or bad. Yes, I am actually sitting here and it's like a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, trying to persuade me. The devil is saying, "Go ahead and make the pancakes your son is asking you to make, and enjoy them...as many as you want." The angel is saying, "Go scramble up your egg whites and some green peppers, and get back on track today." Then the devil says "you can get back on track tomorrow...enjoy one more day of crap food...you have to eat the leftover pizza for lunch anyway so it doesn't go to waste." And the angel...."Don't put it off, seize this moment". Gosh darn it, I wish they would both just shut up!!!

Moderation...how about I just aim for that today? As I transition back in to what I need to do, I will choose moderation. And I'll get to the gym and grocery store today. Such simple little goals really...I can achieve those :)

Day 11: Disappointing, but today's a new day! Blowing the tires back up, and gonna try my best to keep them inflated...or at least patch them up really well!

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