Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Days 63-64

Sometimes, I just don't understand myself! I had another less than stellar day on Sunday. My son went and got doughnuts, and I didn't resist the urge to have them. We got hot wings for dinner. I did have half the amount than the last time we got them, but they were still not a great choice as far as nutrition goes. But then yesterday, I had a really good day! Besides the fact that I kinda forgot to eat lunch....I started out with a slice of bread with mozzarella cheese melted on it in the broiler, and 1/2 of a grapefruit. It was good to have something a little different, I guess. Then I went and did a 40 minute cardio workout later in the morning, and had a protein bar right after. One graham cracker when I got home. I headed to the grocery store. I do have to say that eating healthy is much more expensive than eating unhealthy. I spent too much money, but got plenty of things to help me stick to some good eating this week. (That was one problem on Sunday....it was pretty bare around here, especially of any healthy stuff). So, last night for dinner, I cooked up some ground turkey, divided it in to four portions. Put 5 oz in individual baggies so I have good protein to grab quickly. I used one portion to make chili for me. I pureed a tomato, added 1/4 cup water, chili powder, cayenne pepper, dried minced onion, salt, pepper, and let it simmer for a bit. It was so darn good! I didn't miss the beans, or cheese that I usually have in my chili. Or the hamburger, for that matter. So glad that I try these things! Also, I had 1 1/2 cups of baby spinach for a salad, with some Kraft fat-free Catalina dressing. I finished off with a Dulce de Lece pudding protein supplement. No Reese's egg yesterday! No plunging in to a bag of chips! This is what I don't understand about me....how can I go from a very bad day to a very good one? I didn't have any cravings for bad stuff yesterday. I felt good, and I feel good today...ready to rock it again!

Day 63: eh...a bunch of junk
Day 64: healthy eating was fun!

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