Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 56

I don't have much good to report about yesterday. I felt very strange...after eating one of my normal breakfasts of shredded wheat, I was very dizzy. I thought perhaps I needed some protein, so I had some cottage cheese, and drank some water. That wasn't helping, so instead of going to work out, as I had intended, I went to lay down. I spent a good portion of the day just resting in my bed, trying to keep the room from spinning. I did force down 2 cups of romaine lettuce for lunch/snack. But I also tried some other things. I didn't really feel sick or nauseous...just dizzy. So weird! The healthy stuff didn't work so I tried some sugar...that seemed to help a little. But I went overboard then. It was like an excuse to eat crap. At least by dinner time, I was feeling normal again. Finished off the day by making white chicken chili, which was very good. Minus the cheese and sour cream in it, it would probably be pretty healthy too.

Day 56: Weird day. And it snowed again...after a beautiful day Saturday. What the heck?!!

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