Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 52

If you read the entry I made last night, you know I didn't get my butt in to the gym yesterday. Brooke was protesting when I was ready to leave, and I knew she needed a nap, so I decided to lay down with her instead of going to the gym. I was feeling guilty about leaving the kids....After my little trip, and leaving them on Tuesday a couple of different times, AND since I would be leaving for a meeting in the evening, I decided cuddling up with her would be fine. I intend to go today. :) Here's what yesterday looked like:

Breakfast 8:30: 1 cup shredded wheat, 3/4 cup skim milk
Snack 10:30: Protein shake blended with 10 strawberries, 2.5 graham crackers
Lunch 1:00: 3 egg whites, 1/4 green papper, 1/8 cup monterey jack cheese, 1 slice whole wheat toast w/ 1 T. natural peanut butter, water to drink
Snack 4:00: Hershey bar, 10 cheese puffs
Dinner? 8:00: About 20 kettle chips, w/ some sort of dip (which was very yummy, and I'm sure very lowfat and low cal...bwahahaha), 1 tagalong cookie, 1 Lindor truffle, about 6 oz of Dr. Pepper

I did get in about 80 oz of water yesterday. I was tracking my calories on livestrong, and I knew that I had 110 calories remaining for the day when I left for my meeting at 6:15. I had intended to eat a salad and some cottage cheese before I left, so I wouldn't be hungry and I could pass on the snack food there. However, I was running late, which always seems to happen, and I ended up heading to the meeting hungry. So a-snacking I did go. Poo! Instead of being right on with my calories for the day, I ended up like 400 over (probably more, really) Bummer. I opened the door when I opened the Hershey "good" day, plunged in to "bad"!!!

Day 52: I feel guilty I missed my exercise, but I don't feel guilty about spending the time with the kids instead :)

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