Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 69

I didn't write anything down that I ate yesterday. I guess that means I didn't eat anything. Or...I just don't want to admit to what I ate. Let's see if I can recall....Ok, started out with shredded wheat and skim milk. Nothing bad there. Scooted off to my circuit class at the gym after that...had a great hour workout. Scooted off to the mall after a shower and stuff. Um, went to the mall hungry....tried to find the least horrible food in the food court for lunch. Settled on Hot Dog on a Stick. Pretty healthy right? I just got tired of thinking. Hey...they advertise that it's an all turkey hot dog. Great. Scooted off to a girly gathering in the afternoon...had a couple adult beverages. Went home and ate leftover shepard's pie along with potato chips and cookies. The day is just getting better, isn't it??? Holy cow, now I know why I didn't write all of this down. Scooted on back to the friend's house and had a couple more adult beverages. There aren't too many calories in those...right? Son of a gun...another weekend day completely blowing up in my face. I burned several calories laughing myself silly, so it wasn't all bad!! Today is not starting out to be any better. Good thing tomorrow is Monday and I can get back to my goody goody ways!

Day 69: Um, yeah.

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