Sunday, March 14, 2010

Days 54-55

I totally forgot to write yesterday! Sorry about that! So here are the last two days....

Breakfast 7:15 am: 1 cup Cheerios, 1 banana, 1 cup skim milk
Snack 11:10 am: protein bar
Lunch 12:45 pm: Applebee's Lunch Pair: (tomato basil soup, shrimp salad) Dr. Pepper and 1/2 a chocolate mousse dessert shooter :)
Snack 3:00 pm: 12 pretzel sticks, 1 graham cracker
Dinner 7:00 pm: Soft pretzel
Snack 9:00 pm: 2 Coors Lights

Breakfast 8:00 am: 1 whole bagel, 1 T. peanut butter, water to drink
Snack 12:30 pm: protein bar
Lunch 1:00 pm: 1/2 ham sandwich (Beau didn't finish his), 3 egg white, 1/4 of a green pepper, 1/8 cup monterey jack cheese (I was starving after my workout!)
Snack 5:00 pm: 1 graham cracker, 3 pizza rolls
Dinner 7:00 pm: Hooters hot wings (12), 8 curly fries, 1 Coors Light

Friday I had my swim class. I got there early and did about 10 minutes of laps myself. Then we had a 45 minute class. It was a good workout! I am getting a little frustrated because I can't seem to get the whole turning and breathing thing very well...about halfway down the length of the pool, I get a mouth or nose full of water. But I'm not discouraged! I really want to learn...I find being in the water very fun for a different kind of exercise!

I went to the Broomfield girls basketball championship game Friday night and watched them win their 4th consecutive state title! It was a 6 pm game...and I broke down and bought one of those soft, big pretzels....but I bought a $3.50 water instead of a pop! Concession stands are not exactly the best places to try and get your dinner when you are trying to be careful with fat and calories :)

Yesterday was a beautiful day! I had my circuit class at the gym, which I really like! I sweat A LOT and feel like I am getting an awesome work out! After lunch, my husbandand I and three of our kids walked to the park. It was so nice to be outside! I have been missing the warmth and the sunshine. I am so ready for warm weather! It was not a brisk walk, since there were two toddlers making the trek, but at least it was getting out and off our butts!

I did really well with my nutrition yesterday until I was craving hot wings for dinner....They tasted so amazing....I didn't stop at the 6 or 7 I was going to have. There are a lot of calories in hot wings...too bad! Thankfully, I had my workout yesterday to kind of even things out...but Hooters hot wings did not help me to make any headway! Darn my cravings!

Days 54-55:'s what I'm trying to find. It all does seem like checks and balances...if I have that, then I shouldn't have that.... I am realizing this is for a lifetime. I had to get away from the mentality that after I lose the weight I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want. All that did was make me want the things I wasn't having, even more. Yeah, I wish the weight were coming off faster. But I am happy that I am making changes that I can live with forever. Yes, I continue to have weak moments...sometimes seems like I'm sabotaging myself when I undo all the good I've done with one splurge of a meal. It is really helping me to stay sane, though. And staying sane is something good to strive for, in my opinion. :)

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