Sunday, March 21, 2010

Days 60-62

I don't know what is going on, but I keep forgetting to do this darn blog! The last few days, instead of logging on here, I have logged on to yahoo, and have been playing Spades instead. Priorities, Kari, come on!!

The last three days have not been stellar. But I can tell you that when I weighed in on Friday, it was my lowest weight yet! 175! Yeehaw! But then the weekend hit...and some other womanly thing hit too. Thursday I didn't do too bad...eggs and toast, strawberry and milk smoothie. I had my protein supplement pancakes for lunch with a banana, some graham cracker for snack, along with one of my beloved Reese's eggs. Dinner was beef short ribs and potatoes. More graham crackers later on that evening and another Reese's egg for dessert. (I told you it wasn't stellar!!)

Friday saw cream of wheat for breakfast, 1/2 of a chimichanga for lunch along with a tasty cold adult beverage (love going to lunch with a friend :) , and then some samplings of food at a 'gala' we went to Friday night. The samplings were like a tiny bit of coleslaw, a spoonful of some pasta dish, some orange chicken and fried rice...I think that is all I had. Not exactly 'good for you' fare. I did see some veggies and salad across the room. That stuff didn't quite make it on to my plate. Oh, and a few more tasty adult beverages. I did have my swim class which felt like a good workout! Bad and good, good and bad. AGAIN!

Yesterday I had some shredded wheat. Then I had most amazing workout I think I've ever had. It was my circuit class at the gym, but we did 'cross training', which had us going from cardio for 15 minutes to the different circuit exercises for 15 minutes, back to cardio for another 15, then a totally different bunch of circuit exercises for 15 minutes. I actually did 15 minutes of cardio prior to the class starting, so I had a bunch of good exercise yesterday! There were times I didn't think I was going to make it through the workout. But I pushed myself, and was so proud after it was all done. I had a blast on the treadmill. I can share with those who are interested just what he had us do. I have never pushed myself to run that fast on the treadmill. It was crazy but awesome!! I had a workout shake right after my class, and a banana when I got home, along with some graham crackers. I went to a party where I indulged in about 10 chips and guacamole, 4 crackers with cheese and two brownie bites, along with part of a beer. Then dinner was the lovely McDonalds. I was so glad to have some french fries. Sorry to you all, but I was craving salty food and boy did that hit the spot! My son made some oatmeal cookies yesterday, and I indulged in way too many of those. Yeah, definitely less than a stellar day. But I'm still so high off my amazing workout, I don't want to dwell on the 'mistakes'. :)

Days 60-62: What can I say? It's life that is happening to me. I am enjoying my time with family and friends, giving in to cravings, actually enjoying some exercise, washing a floor every now and then...among a trillion other things. I'm not perfect...I don't have this 'down'...I don't have some great diet I can write a book about and share with others. I struggle every day. But I can tell you that I am feeling a gazillion times better about myself. I don't have the hottest body in the pool or restaurant or event center, but it's a body I feel pretty good in right now. And not only because it's a few sizes smaller. I feel good in this body because it is a body that is working so much better than it did before. I don't get winded just climbing up the stairs to our second floor. I can pick up 20 pound weights and step up and down on a giant step for 40 seconds at a time, without feeling like I'm gonna keel over. I don't hesitate to take a walk to the park with the kids anymore because I don't have to worry about whether I will be in pain or not on the way back home. Yeah, I think I'll keep going. 175 pound Kari is a much happier and healthy person than 220 pound Kari.

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