Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 13

These days are gonna happen! Well, at least they are for me. I am accepting it, and appreciating the fun I had. Life is too short to beat myself up, right? A very entertaining day yesterday:

First thing in the morning, tummy remedy: 5:00 am
1/2 Pepsi

Breakfast on the run: 8:45 am
Starbucks reduced fat cinnamon swirl cake, 1/4 of a nonfat vanilla latte...I couldn't finish it, what the heck??

Lunch: 12:45 pm
IHOP...watermelon, 2 eggs, 1 slice bacon, hash browns...I don't know, 1/2 a cup maybe?, with ketchup, and oh yeah...pancakes, approximately 3, with butter and syrup. Who am I kidding, probably closer to 3 1/2...but they are smaller than other places pancakes!! Water to drink.

Grazing Dinner at a Party: 6:30 pm
2 little wienies, 3 meatballs, two tortilla chips, 3 baby carrots, 4 celery sticks, 3 crackers, some cheese ball, spinach dip...I think that was all....Oh yeah, 3 beers. Hey, I was there for four hours!! Oh, little brownie square...almost forgot that!

No snacking yesterday. None! This week has really been different in that way. Last week, I was constantly looking in the cupboard for something to snack on.

I haven't logged my food on to the livestrong site yet. I have no idea how many calories this amounted to yesterday! I feel like I am starting to be a little more in tune to my body though. I did go in to what I referred to as a "pancake coma" yesterday. After all that food, I couldn't wait to get home and lay down. No real veggies and fruits and no afternoon workout...which made for a more sluggish me. I think I got a good portion of my water, but maybe not quite all 8 glasses.

I made a stupid mistake at IHOP. You see, it is All You Can Eat Pancake time there. Because I'm kinda cheap, I got one of those meals (and they are a great deal, by the way!) and thought, I would get the extra pancakes and pack them up to take home. My kids like pancakes! Well, they serve 2 with the meal, then bring 3 more at a time. I got the extra three, but didn't want it to look like I only got them to take home, so I planned to take a few bites and then ask for a box. I mindlessly ate half the stack, (so 1 1/2, right), and left the other half on the table. I never should have asked for more...Good intentions, bad results!

Day 13: I did mention it was a fun day, right? I had lunch with two of my dearest friends, and a very entertaining party last night. A day full of girlfriends! I loved it! Food? Secondary concern on this day :)

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