Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Results

Friday, April 9th was my final weigh-in for the Body Transformation Challenge at my gym. I was pretty nervous going in there, because I had really dropped the ball the last week and a half of the challenge. It was a struggle to get to the gym, and my diet was crap. However, I was pleased with the overall results from the 12-week challenge!

Here they are:

By body fat percentage dropped from 36.36% to 28.8%!
I gained 6 pounds of muscle, lost about 17 pounds of fat!
Total weight lost: 11.25 pounds!

I'm not sure how I compare to the other participants...but I am happy with how I did. It was not easy, and I struggled a lot. So to actually come away with some good numbers was thrilling! I turned in my essay, and food I just wait to see how it all shakes down. Even if I don't win this contest, I have won something for myself...the realization that I can do something just by focusing and working hard. And that struggling doesn't mean "give up" just means power on through!

Thanks, everybody for your support and encouragement throughout this challenge! This does not mean my journey to a bikini is over...still working on that! Soooo....stay tuned for updates. :)

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